Policies and Procedures


The parents of the Glen Rock Soccer Club are dedicated to the well being and safety of their children in all aspects of their soccer experience. In order to reach these goals, the Glen Rock Soccer Club will expect that all volunteers abide by the following precepts:

  1. The Glen Rock Soccer Club will not tolerate the emotional, physical or sexual abuse of any of the children participating in any of its activities. Emotional abuse includes calling people negative names, making fun of the players, harassing, scaring or threatening them. Physical abuse includes hitting, slapping, kicking, shaking or throwing something at them. Sexual abuse includes includes forcing or tricking someone into sexual touching or contact. Volunteers are discouraged from any private contact with the participants outside the practice or game setting and are not permitted to go anywhere alone with any child.
  2. The Glen Rock Soccer Club expects that all children will be treated equally, without any bias or prejudice and that all children be given an equal opportunity to participate. The goal of the Glen Rock Soccer Club is to have all children involved in a fair manner without any specific quotas for playing time while recognizing the specific talents and ability of the individual players.
  3. The Glen Rock Soccer Club encourages the success of its teams, but not at the loss of the overall enjoyment of the children.
  4. All parents are expected to oversee the well-being of all the children of the Glen Rock Soccer Club and are encouraged to attend all games, practices and activities.
  5. The Glen Rock Soccer Club makes an active effort to prevent any abuse of the children playing and all allegations are taken seriously. In order to keep open all means of communication regarding these issues, the Glen Rock Soccer Club has a committee dedicated to the receipt and fair and prompt resolution of any questions which arise. The President of the Club chairs the committee. The members of the committee are selected by the GRSC executive board. Any concerns about any of the committee members will be handled without that person's participation.

The Glen Rock Soccer Club is proud of its history of providing for the children of Glen Rock an enjoyable and rewarding experience. These steps have been taken for the sole purpose of insuring that this primary goal of the Glen Rock Soccer Club remains consistent with that past success.

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